• Nvidia Linux Kernel Module 384.98 erschienen

    Neue Kernel Module für Grafikkarten aus dem Hause NVIDIA sind für Linux erschienen. Folgende Bugfixes / Änderungen:

    • Fixed a bug that could cause some eDP G-SYNC displays to flicker at low refresh rates.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause OpenGL applications to crash after a prolonged DPMS sleep state on a monitor driven with PRIME Sync.
    • Fixed a bug that artificially limited the maximum pixel clock to 300 MHz when using certain more capable DisplayPort to HDMI adapters.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the NVIDIA kernel modules from building for non-SMP Linux kernels.
    • Updated the output of `nvidia-smi nvlink --status` to include reporting NVLink speed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect PCI topology reporting in nvidia-smi on Intel Skylake systems.

    Die Module können unter folgender URL heruntergeladen werden:


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